Specialist Wholesale Airfreight Services Australia Wide
  • About Pak Fresh Handling

    Pak Fresh Handling was established in 2010 as a specialized airfreight handling facility. The business has evolved greatly since its commencement. We seamlessly provide tailored airfreight solutions, including international airfreight handling, national airfreight, cargo terminal operations, further wide range of cold chain services. We understand in our industry the need for flexibility and creativity in order to succeed. We are always continuing to improve the quality of our services whilst growing with the needs of our clients and markets.

    We are expanding our capabilities elsewhere throughout the country with our partners in order to offer a varied platform of tailored logistical solutions. A continued strong engagement with our clients remains as our primary focus whilst ensuring we develop advanced support systems and creative options to pave the way for further growth. Future strategic integration will allow us to create further opportunities to expand and maximize on the market growth within our industry.

    Vision Statement

    To be recognized as the wholesale leader in airfreight handling services throughout Australia who passionately engages with our people and clients, embracing new ideas, seeking out new opportunities whilst operating to the highest of industry standards